Spell Book

General Magic
Level 1:
Magic Arrow – 10 mana – An adjacent tile looses 1% of.
Force Wall – 10 mana – For the next turn target stationary troop gains +5 troop strength.
Valor – 10 mana – For the next turn, target attacking troop gets +5 troop strength.
Dispel Magic – 10 mana – 15% chance to end an adjacent tiles magic.
Fool’s Gold – 10 mana – gain 25r for your next turn that can not be banked.
Level 2:
Arcane Barrage – 20 mana – Up to two different adjacent tiles loose 2% of their toops.
Force Bubble – 20 mana – 2% of adjacent tiles troop strength is negated this turn.
Heroism – 20 mana – add 2% troop strength to target adjacent or same tile this turn.
Abolish Magic – 20 mana – 25% chance to end an adjacent tiles magic.
Level 3:
Skewer – 30 mana – Any army attacking target adjacent or same tile reduces its charge bonus by 10% for the turn.
Teleport – 30 mana – Move up to 5 troops on the same tile as the casting mage, up to 5 tiles away.
Annihilate Magic – 30 mana – 40% chance to end an adjacent tiles magic.
Deflector – 30 mana – 50% chance to cancel a spell targeting the same tile as the casting mage.
Level 4:
Mass Teleport – 40 mana – Move up to 20 troops on the same tile as the casting mage, up to 10 tiles away.
Anti-Magic Globe – 40 – 25% chance to end all magic within a 5 tile radius.
Void Walk – 40 – troops in the same tile can not be attacked or targeted this turn, but can not move either.
Level 5:
Mana Crush – 50 – Each player looses up to 25 mana if available. (Including the casting player.)
Worldscreamer 50 -

(4). Note: To learn these spells, you must specifically request them when researching/earning spells.

These spells are available to practitioners of death magic, ‘Necromancers’. Level 1: Summon Skeleton, Mists of Death, Death Wave, Foul, Ritual of Bone (3).
Level 2: Summon Zombie, Mists of Doom, Doom Wave, Blaspheme, Ritual of Blood (3).
Level 3: Summon Wretched, Unholy Miasma, Unholy Wave, Ritual of Rot (4).
Level 4: Summon Greater Wretched, Necros Miasma, Necros Wave, Ritual of the Grave (4)
Level 5: Unhallow, Summon Dracolich, Ritual of the Lich (5).
Note: When you gain access to one of the summon spells up to level 4, all undead of a weaker type upgrade to whichever spell you gained access to, earning the appropriate bonus to attack power and ability. ie. When you get summon wretched, all skeletons & zombies become wretched.

These spells are subtle weapons for bringing enemies to ruin, and allies to victory. Practiced by ‘Enchanters’.
Level 1: Charm, Excess, Vigor, Fatigue, Dissent.
Level 2: Beguile, Strength, Weakness, Apathy, Animosity.
Level 3: Ritual of Friendship (2), Concentration, Focus, Hatred.
Level 4: Ritual of War(4), Faith, Doubt.
Level 5: Ritual of Anarchy (4), Ritual of Reweaving (4), Ritual of Eternity (5).

These spells are used to uncover knowledge and reveal the world around you. Practiced by ‘oracles’ or ‘seers’.
Level 1: Lesser Wisdom, Beacon, Eye of Bat, Truth, Scry.
Level 2: Wisdom, Enlightenment, Eye of Sparrow, Revelations.
Level 3: Greater Wisdom, Revealing Light, Eye of Owl, Epiphany.
Level 4: Superior Wisdom, True Light, Wizard’s Eye, Precogntion
Level 5: Godly Wisdom, Light & Retribution, Prophet’s Eye.

Spells that create or summon materials and living creatures from pure mana. Practiced by Conjurers. Also called Summoning (practiced by Summoners.) Conjures last 7 days.
Level 1:
Summon Sword – 5 mana(5 upkeep) – +.5 to units troop strength.
Summon Weakling – 5 mana(3 upkeep) – Add a .2 troop strength unit.
Banish – 1 mana – remove a summon from the game that was summoned by you.
Summon Gate – 10 mana(5 upkeep) – Raise the mana cap to 3/Mage.
Level 2:
Summon Beast – 5 mana(3 upkeep) – Add a .5 troop strength unit.
Unsummon – 20 mana – remove any number of units from the game that were summoned by you and obtain 1 mana per unit removed..
Summon Gateway – 10 mana(5 upkeep) – Raise the mana cap to 5/Mage.
Summon Cross – 10 mana(5 upkeep) – Moral doesn’t Change positive or negative.
Level 3:
Summon Keep – 30 mana(10 upkeep) – Summons a Keep in the Tile of the mage.
Conjure Sword – 30 mana – +.5 to units troop strength.
Conjure Weakling – 30 mana – Add a .2 troop strength unit.
Enduring Weave – 30 mana – Reduce all upkeep costs by 2
Level 4:
Conjure Stone Golem- 40 – Add a 1 troop strength unit that has a 10% chance to not be affected by outside magic.
Conjure Cross – 30 mana – Moral doesn’t change positive or negative.
Conjure Gateway – 30 mana – Raise the mana cap to 5/Mage.
Level 5:
Ritual of the titan(3) – 50 mana(3 mages not disrupted) – summons a 10 troop strength titan.

War Magic
These spells are combat spells made for war, practiced by ‘Battlemages’.
Level 1: Smash, Crush, Cheer, Bloodshed, Victory.
Level 2: Bang, Slash, Warcry, Slaughter, Epic
Level 3: Ruin, Bloodlust, Champions.
Level 4: Heroic Aura, Hand oF Heroes, Eternal Battle.
Level 5: Arena, Ritual of Might (3).

Control Magic
Level 1: Persuade,Find, Illusion
Level 2: Trick, Search, Illusion lv2
Level 3: Coerce, Take, Hallucination
Level 4: Corrupt, Steel, Invisibility, Capture
Level 5: Dominate mind, Ritual of Conversion (4)

A truly difficult art to master, Mathemagics let one use ultimate precision and logic with the rule-bending capabilities of Magic. Practicioners are ‘Formulae’. Spells are generally weaker, but have no maximum range.
Level 1: Odd Number, Erase, Unknown, Division, Multiplication.
Level 2: Subtract, Add, Ritual of Halving (4), Round Up.
Level 3: Ritual of Undoing (4), Accounting, Round Down.
Level 4: Logic, Imaginary Numbers, Zero.
Level 5: Ritual of the Prime Number (4).

Chaos Magic
Chaos magic holds the promise of ultimate power achieved easily in one hand, and the threat of corruption and taint in the other. Chaos magic deals in randomness and chance: a spell cast on an enemy could be as beneficial just as easily as it could crush them. For the gamblers, Chaos magic is practiced by ‘Anamancers.’
Level 1: C.Strength, C.Defenses, C.Bolt, C.Coin, Chaos Ritual of Claim (3).
Level 2: C.Heart, C.Spell, C.Summoning.
Level 3: C.Build, C.Research, C.Production.
Level 4: C.Storm, C.Gamble.
Level 5: Ritual of Final Fortunes (5).
Note: the ‘C.’ above should be written out as ‘Chaos ____’

Diabolic Magic
Where Phagomancy requires either insanity or a lack of ethics to practice, and Chaos Magic brings the chance of destruction, Diabolic magic promises destruction at a later time, but grants immense power in the present. Those who practice Diabolic Magic are ‘Warlocks’.
Level 1: Lien, Foul, Demonflame, Unholy Wards.
Level 2: Dark Lien, Blaspheme, Summon Imp.
Level 3: Black Lien, Perversion, Infernal Wards.
Level 4: Infernal Lien, Summon Demon, Hellfire.
Level 5: Ritual of Doomsday (7).

These spells are weapons of madmen and lunatics, corrupting the world around them, and spreading disease and poison. Practiced by Phagi. (Fay-guy)
Level 1: Warp, Soften, Irradiate, Twist, Foul.
Level 2: Corrupt, Weakness, Blaspheme, Illness.
Level 3: Fallout, Perversion, Ruin, Disease.
Level 4: Plague, Great Perversion, Devastate.
Level 5: Ritual of the Warp (4).

Dracomancers use a variant of magic initially designed by the dragons of ancient times. A vast percentage of this form of magic was lost to the wear and erosion of the materials used to record it… mages have since found ways to bridge these gaps in knowledge and method, making this magic weaker than the pure form practiced by dragons. Those who practice dragon magic are ‘Dracomancers’.
Level 1: Dragonscale, Dragonwing, Dragontooth.
Level 2: Blank Spell.
Level 3: Dragonbreath, Dragonaura, Dragonstar.
Level 4: Blank Spell.
Level 5: Ritual of Dragon Summoning (4).
Note: Blank spells must be researched to progress to the next level of dracomancy. They do nothing, representing the long lost lore of the dragons. Non-dragon mages who cast Dragon Magic have a 50% chance of dying. It should also be noted that Dragons practice a form of pure dracomancy. These dragons get access to the level 2 Dragonheart spell, and the level 4 Dragonwill spell.

Spell Book

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