The Naga

Shape Shifting Snake People


The Serpents.

It is a rare lord that does not fear the Naga. Capable of changing their shape as easily as one might change his clothes, and can change into 12-foot-long serpents for the purposes of subterfuge and combat. Naga are renowned for their assassination abilities and their manipulation, something they use readily.
The Naga are said to be created by the Incarnation of Fate at the express will of the gods who do not rule a race, a tool created to keep the races of the world in check, and to prevent one such as the Tyrant Lord Om from threatening the gods again.
The latest act of the Naga was a profound one. The oldest living dragon was assassinated, and his blood was used to poison the food of the greatest leader of mankind in history. It is no coincidence that this act came at the worst possible time – the Naga have plotted the destruction of the Empire for centuries, and they picked the most effective time, and a very potent weapon to use.
The Naga are now operating with a number of other races, supporting the weak side to cause as many causualties as possible. By weakening every other race to near destruction, they can establish themselves as the supreme species.

In their natural form, Naga are very human, with narrow faces and scales on various parts of their body. In snake form, Naga are black as night, twelve feet long, with poisonous fangs. They change forms by shedding their skin and revealing a different shape and form within.
When sending thieves to perform subterfuge in secret, the Naga player may choose any race. When captured, the thieves are revealed as the stated race, not necessarily as Naga.
Naga start with level 1 subterfuge researched. They get the benefit of secrecy right away → they replace the standard research that would give them secrecy with an assassination improvement research.
Naga coat their weapons in poison. This accelerates/prompts attrition damage for foes from the first day the Naga inflict losses on them. If the defending troops are not taking attrition damage, they start after taking losses. If they are, the rate is increased as if one day had passed. To escape this loss, a player must either suffer the effects and then research medicine, or have a player who has done this teach them a level of medicine research.
Naga add a level to their subterfuge chance by sending characters to work in their Town Hall.
Naga are cold blooded, and have a 50% resistance to any morale changes.
Each week, there is a 25% chance that a character the Nagas control goes rogue and plots to kill his leader – he acts as though he were a double agent under enemy control.

Naga worship Fate.
Naga start with 100 population, 150r, one lord, one character and a keep.
They see a population increase every 8 days.


The Naga

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